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Link Exchange

If you want to exchange links with us we offer two different solutions. Keep in mind that we only exchange links with sites that have content that are somehow related to ours, but not direct competitors. We are also only interested in text link exchanges.

Link Exchange Solutions

  1. Main page link exchange. If you want to exchange main page links, your site needs to have a Google PR of at least 6 and receive a minimum of 1000 unique visitors a day to be considered. Our link is required to be in a prominent position and not buried amongst dozens of other links, or be placed in a position that requires the visitor to scroll down forever to find the link.

  2. Your link in our Links Directory. To be listed in our links directory you need to place our link on a page that has a Google PR of at least 4. We do NOT exchange links with sites that have an excessive amount of links on the page our link will be placed on.

The Google PR is an important part of ranking high in Google. To find out the Google PR of your web site, you need to download the Google toolbar. The green bar below "PageRank" shows the Google PR of a web site.

Our text link can be found here. Please, note that it is important that the title remains unedited.
Link requests that does not meet the rules above will be deleted immediately.

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