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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the FAQ for our paid submission service. For the Free URL submission FAQ click here.

Why should I submit to 120+ search engines and directories?
Because search engines and directories are the main sources of traffic for almost every website. Submitting to directories will also boost your link popularity which is an extremely important factor for your site's ranking on search engines.

How long does it take for the search engines to list my site?
It is entirely up to each search engine or directory. A few search engines index a site almost immediately. Some engines can take 6-12 weeks or longer and some may fail to list your site.

What is a meta tag?
META tags are used by some search engines to determine the ranking of your site in their search results. You can read more about them here.

Do I need meta tags?
Yes, and the most important "tag" is the title, followed by the description "tag". You can learn more about them here.

Which search engines and directories do you submit to?
We only submit your site to the top search engines and directories, These are the ones that will generate traffic to your site. No junk, just real search engines and directories. You can see the list of search engines and directories submits to here.

Why isn't my site listed on the search engines?
This occurs for a variety of reasons. Many search engine and directory sites require between 6 weeks up to 6 months to list a site. Your site could also be listed but not ranking properly.

Will I receive spam after my site is submitted?
Some of the search engines and directories sends out a confirmation email. You may also be added to their newsletter. We recommend that you use an alternative email account for the submission.

Will you submit my site to all search engines in your list?
Your website will be added to all the engines on the list that match your profile. Some engines are restricted to certain countries or parts of the world. We will however, submit your website to at least 120 search engines and directories. Note that not all submissions will be successful. Search engines and directories are sometimes unable to accept a submission due to downtime, upgradings of their system or some other reason.

Parts of my site is "under construction" can I still submit it to the search engines?
We recommend that you do not submit sites with "under construction" pages, they will probably not be accepted by most of the directories.

Do you provide a submission report?
Yes, a submission report in HTML format will be sent to you via email, within 3 (business) days after we have received your order. This lets you know where you were successfully submitted, and what sites your website was not submitted to.

Do you guarantee inclusion and top ranking on the search engines?
Each search engine has it's own technique when they rank pages so it is not possible for any company to guarantee that. We will submit your site to the search engines and directories but after that it is is entirely up to each search engine or directory to decide if they accept the site or not.

Will you submit our site monthly? I have heard that it is important to submit every month.
Submitting every month wont do you any good at all, once you are listed in a search engine or directory, you will remain listed, unless you do something they will consider as spam, and ban your site. This is just a myth used as a sales pitch by some submission services.

Services offering monthly submissions will submit your site to useless FFA sites that lists a site for about an hour or a couple of days, that's the reason they keep telling people how important it is to submit a site every month. The FFA sites wont do you any good at all cause they are used primarily by spammers, and real search engines look upon them as spam.

Another way of looking at it, is this: Imagine that YOU own a human-edited directory that accepts submissions, and once a month you'll receive thousands of submissions from sites already listed in your index, giving you tons of extra work. Would you still list these sites in your directory, or would you ban them forever? Fact is, that submitting a site every month is more likely to get you banned instead of getting you listed.

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