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Search Engine Promotion For Higher Ranking - META Tags

The Title is the most important place to put your keywords, but be careful and limit the Title to fewer than 15 words including your top keywords. It's important that your Title is as descriptive as possible and that it focus on what your page is all about, for two obvious reasons.

1. This is the title that will come up in a search, and you would want to attract people, not scare them away with a lot of keywords that makes no sense. Also, if a surfer clicks on your link and the Title differs from your content he's likely to leave the site.

2. Your Title should reflect the content of your page for better ranking in the search engines. It makes your site "relevant" to your Title.

<title> - Free Website Promotion and URL Submission to Search Engines.</title>

The META description is used by some searchengines as a summary of what your website is about. Put your keywords and key phrases here and make sure that they are present on the page as well. You should not use more than 200 characters in your META description.

Example: <meta name="description" content="Your site description here.">

META keywords are not used as frequently by the searchengines as they used to be, but there is no reason not to use them. Use no more than 1000 characters and separate each keyword or key phrases with a comma. Remember that each of your keywords should also be present at your page for higher ranking, and to avoid being caught for spamming.

Example: <meta name = "keywords" content = "Keyword1, Keyword2, Key phrase, etc.">

To simplify the process of making META tags use our META Tag Generator and cut and paste the results in the source code of your pages. Remember that all tags (Title, Meta description and Meta keywords) are placed between <head> and </head> in your document.

There are many more ways of getting visitors to your site. To learn more about how to increase your website traffic we advise you to read our small guide on Website Promotion.

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