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Website Promotion - Increase Your Site Traffic.

You have created a brilliant website and now it's time to get some traffic. This small five step guide can give you some help on how to succeed with website promotion.

1. Submit your site to search engines.
2. Submit your site to different directories.
3. Submit your site to pay-per-click search engines
4. Exchange links with other sites.

1. Submit your site to search engines.

This is a "must do". Before you submit your site to the engines make sure that your site is search engine optimized. After that, consider submitting your site to search engines for free, using our automatic service, or do it by hand.

.2. Submit your site to different directories.

Submitting your site to directories does not only give you more hits, it also increases your link popularity. The number of web pages linking to your site is considered an important factor by many search engines to achieve a high ranking. A link from an important site such as Yahoo is given more weight than any other link.

Submitting to directories are not as easy as submitting to search engines. You have to make sure that there are no dead links or "under construction pages" on your site. They do not accept such sites. Read more about how to add your site on their information pages below.


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3. Submit your site to pay-per-click-search engines.

If you are in a hurry to get your site noticed, or if you have money to spend on advertising, pay-per-click search engines offers a perfect solution.

You pick the keywords suitable for your site, the ones you need to attract the right type of visitors to your site. Then you set a rate that you are willing to pay for each click on the keywords that you have selected. The search results are ordered after the highest bid on the searched keyword and as an advertiser you only need to pay if the searcher clicks on your link. This way, you only pay for the visitors that you actually receive.

There are dozens of pay-per-click search engines on the Internet and some can bring you a lot of traffic and some will probably not be that good.

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