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There is one important thing you need to know. Meta tags alone does not give you a high ranking in the search engines listings. What you need is to combine your meta tags, titles and your content. You can have the best of keywords in your tags but you will probably not get a top listing as long as they are not present on your page.

Most of the major search engines index every word of your page and compare them to your title META description and META keywords. In fact some engines probably don't use the META keywords anymore, so that is why content is becoming even more important.

The first step in web site promotion is to identify the words people are most likely to use in a search for your site. After identifying about 5 to 10 words, write them up as your keywords and optimize the page using them. From now on these are the words you should use in your Title, META description, META keywords list, throughout your page and the ALT tags when using images.

Keep in mind that excessive repeating of META keywords could be considered as spamming by some searchengines and you might get penalized with a lower ranking for that practice. You should also mix your keywords in different combinations throughout the page and in your ALT tags instead of using the same phrase over and over again. Also remember to put your most important keywords as close to the <BODY> tag as you can.

One of the most important factors to achieve a high ranking in the search engines is link popularity. It's not only the number of links to your web site that is important it's also the quality of the links that are important. A link at Dmoz or Yahoo is usually given much more weight than a link from a personal web site. Some engines are also very found of "on topic" links. Links from sites that are focusing on the same topic as your site, are known as "on topic" links. An "on topic" link is also a link that contains your keywords, in this case an "on topic" link could look like this:

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There are four important keywords present in this link. Some search engines will boost your ranking for keywords that are present in links to your site. It is also important that your keywords are present in internal links, because some engines count them as well.

Another important factor to consider is the use of misspelled words: Misspelled words could boost your traffic because many people are likely to misspell your keywords in a search. In a search for a site submission service, people could search for free search engine submisison, sumit, subit, search egnine submission, submition, add ULR, saerchengines, etc. and end up at this page because these words are present at the page and among the META keywords.

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